TheWellSet's Spring 2014 Must Haves

Spring 2014 Must Haves on thewellset.com - Chanel pearl choker, normcore sandals, pastels and red orange polish

Spring 2014 is here! For many of you up north this could not have happened any sooner. With as many as six snow days in north Texas and two ice days in Houston this winter has been brutal for us normally spoiled Texans. Especially for Brad and I living in our 100+ year old-new house with little to no insulation... Hello heating bills! It's been rough. But as the days get longer and warmer (of course, as I type this I am huddled in Wichita Falls with a wet 50 degree outside temp - curse you cold front!) our propensity for that seasonal wardrobe update grows.

I have pulled together a few of my faves for you to try out with your regular staples. I love to get a few things and wear them all season. These four items are no different. Some I spent money on and some I simply scooped up at Zara figuring that next year they won't be in and therefore do not merit the investment. 

1. Large pearl necklace collar: Chanel RTW 2014 hit the runway with their chunky version of this. I love the more dainty version at Zara (buy here) and the Delfina Delettrez bracelet (buy here). Easy add on to any outfit for an instant style update.

2. #Uglypretty, normcore sandals: What is not to love about a trend that puts the comfort of the wearer first? Don't get me wrong I love heels, wedges, gladiators... You name it and I have a pair in my closet. BUT these bad boys - as unflattering and ordinary as they are - are easy slip on wonders of summer time joy. Not familiar with normcore? Read this article and laugh along with me as we dissect the overthinking of the fashion world. Har had har. My two fave pairs of normcore sandals are these by Gucci (buy here) and these by Isabel Marant (buy here).

Revlon's adorable Perfumerie polishes on thewellset.com 3. Orange red, Rihanna nails: How fun (and impractical) would it be to go get some of these tallon-esque nails affixed to your digits? I'll tell you: really fun. Like role playing for your fingers. While I will probably never do this (too many bad memories of square acrylic nightmares in high school) I am still obsessed with the orange red polish perfect for the spring and summer. I especially love Revlon's Perfumerie China Flower polish. Not because of the scent (really cannot distinguish any scent from the smell of the polish?) but because of the adorable retro bottles. So amazing! And affordable. Basically the best combo. Buy them at your local pharmacy or if you a hermit order them online here.

4. Pastels: Last but not least the obvious selection for Spring (like florals) - pastels! Only these are more pale of sorts than their sibling 90s pastels of yore. I like the minty pastels the best. Especially the above blouse from Zara (buy it here). It looks great with wide leg trouser too, just saying. 

Grand Budapest Hotel on thewellset.com

custom Prada luggage from the Grand Budapest Hotel on thewellset.comI couldn't help but draw a parallel between this spring's pastel hues and the amazingly gorgeous pallet of Wes Anderson's latest cinematic feat the Grand Budapest Hotel. If you have not seen it then please GO NOW. You will love it and your brain will thank you for all of the symmetrical stimulation. Please join me in a moment of respect and admiration for the custom Prada luggage created for the film. Ahhh. Love. Speaking of symmetry, have you ever noticed how amazingly symmetrical Wes Anderson's films are? It's a wonder!

Check out this video featuring a compilation of the most symmetrical scenes in Wes Anderson's films. Very good stuff.

Wes Anderson // Centered from kogonada on Vimeo.

That's all I have for now friends. Sorry for the month+ hiatus. I am in the middle of working something out in myself that is both tremendously exciting and tremendously frightening. How those two things can be simultaneous I am not sure, but I know that when they are combined it is exhausting. Let's just say that A Brand Strategy Consulting (check it out here) is going to go from a part time gig to help friends to a full time gig (well my new definition of full time, more on that later) to help loads of new friends that I've not met yet (please introduce me?). I've filed my LLC, requested a tax ID, downloaded Quickbooks, have a graphic designer getting my logo straight and a handful of clients I am praying stay happy. So, thanks for cutting me some slack as I do the business equivalent of giving birth. It's rough, but great. Fingers crossed for an official launch later this month,

Over and out!

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Unknown said...

Ha, I actually tried that scented polish (the basil one) on a few different people and asked, "it's scented, can you tell what it is?" and every person replied, "nail... polish?"
Love your picks!