Fall 2014 Ready to Wear + Pharrell Williams + Life News = Happy

You can thank Pinterest for this gem.

Big life changes coming down the pike. For reals this time too. Not ready just yet to divulge, but let's just say it is BIG. NO, no, no, I am not pregnant, but it feels like it because I am so full of joy and excitement I could nearly BURST (but not literally). 

Life has been crazy-busy (I know, isn't it always?) but it has picked up in the kind of way that you hope it will. It is time to reclaim some much needed me time and reach out to people that inspire me. You've been warned people. Expect a call/email soon from yours truly.

Musical Musings time - yes, I have seen Despicable Me 2, don't judge me:

I have been enjoying the eye-soul-fashion-medicine that is the FW2014 RTW showcase on The Cut (all images via). Here's some of my TOP TOP TOP picks from the fancy pants runways of NYC, London, and Milan. Le sigh... That saying makes me cringe, but I know no other way to express how these clothes make me feel.

Prada FW2014 RTW on thewellset.com - red Big Bird!
It's like a red Big Bird coat/dress!

Miuccia Prada is my boo <3 on thewellset.com
Miuccia Prada! I love you. Will you be my best friend/mentor/personal style inspiration for life?
costume national on thewellset.com
She's a beautiful beige crayon!

FW 2014 RTW Costume National on thewellset.com
If I lived in a proper cold climate, this would be my go to goat coat.

FW 2014 RTW Costume National on thewellset.com
This is probably gray wool, but it looks like sweatshirt material and I like it.
Burberry Prorsum
FW2014 RTW Burberry Prorsum on thewellset.com
Oh Carla, those brows! That attitude. That monogram throw/blanket/shawl. Can I please get on with my initials?

FW2014 RTW Burberry Prorsum on thewellset.com
Scarf under belt action? Interesting... Not sure If I have it in me, but maybe worth trying. Easy enough wardrobe update.

FW2014 RTW Burberry Prorsum on thewellset.com
hey girl hey

Temperley London

Temperley London FW2014 RTW on thewellset.com
The one dimensional embellishment on this is really making me feel good. I also love the scarf layer - so regal.

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