TheWellSet | Fall 2015 Fashion Finds for Post Body Baby

Henrietta Harris Art
Being pregnant for nearly a year of your life is quite a commitment. It's a huge mind shift, but ultimately you are the same with some obvious perspective changes. Friends with kids can relate, friends without can only listen. It's a strange time. This art really spoke to me because it's how I have felt off and on throughout this pregnancy journey: distorted. As we near the end (9 days to go!) I cannot help but crave my pre-baby body and the ferocious need to meet this human I've been growing and then become my own person (totally changed and never really my own person in the same way as before, of course) once again. Here's a little about the artist:
Distortion is something that is very hard to make beautiful, but through her popular distorted gauche portraits, artist Henrietta Harris has managed to do just that. The artist and illustrator uses her paints and pencils to create imagery that is sometimes fun, yummy and colorful, while at other times managing to be dark, thought-invoking and inspirational. Read the article and her interview here.
With the upcoming debut of Baby Griffin and the changing of the seasons plus the promise of my "old" self (never really to come back again, of course) returning I cannot help but fantasize about fall fashions. So exciting to be able to wear clothes again! Although, I must say, the perks of an all cotton, all stretchy wardrobe cannot be downplayed here. This post is titled as such because, ahem, these are all accessories. I'm not sure how long my post baby body will take to shape up, but I am hopeful that it won't take too long. Eek, maybe by my 30th birthday? Perhaps not. We shall see. Here are a few of my favorite things for fall 2015.

LELE SADOUGHI, Sandbar Ring, $120

Daniela Villegas, South Sea Pearl & Diamond Small Quail Earring, $6,125.00

Chloe, Marci Small Calf Saddle Bag, Bordeaux $795

GUCCI, Fur-Lined Slip-On Loafer, $995

MICHAEL KORS, Gold-Tone Choker Necklace, $275

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