TheWellSet.com Dream Birthday | Wish List Edition

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Why hello there,

 I am excitedly planning my wardrobe for our annual birthday celebration in Las Vegas, Nevada (aka my favorite place ever). Plus it is our first trip back since our wedding last September. While I flip through all of April's fashion magazines I slowly but surely amassed a list of gorgeous items that I would love to receive any of which for my birthday. Hint hint. Any who, seeing as all of these delectable items are also very much new to the market and would look good on the likes of any of my faithful readers I wanted to share the love. So, happy shopping!

One of the non-tangible things I hope for on this day of birth is the strength and character to grow old with grace. As luck would have it this month's Harper's was the Age Issue and there was fabulous Charlotte Rampling looking more elegant and timeless as ever in her 60s (recognize her from Dexter?). So here is to a fabulous 27 and an even more fabulous 28! Don't worry friends my actually birthday is not until April 24th - you've not forgotten a thing. Over and out!

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