WTF Trend: The Backwards Blazer

Zara's version
Backwards blazers are all the rage these days with versions coming out from just about everyone. I am going to bring back a little segment I like to call the WTF Trend: the backwards blazer; why not to wear it...

I like Philip Lim's version the
best bc it fits.
1. It can't be flattering - talk about line backer shoulders! I've already been genetically blessed with those and don't need to further accentuate them. 

2. It can't be comfortable - imagine wearing that bad boy and sitting down for dinner. There is a reasons buttons belong in the front.

3. Your back would get coldddd

An ill fitting version by
 Boy of Band of Outsiders
4. If your backward blazer isn't fitted directly to your body it is going to look even worse and since none of us have personal tailors on staff, I bet it would be a no go in most instances.  No doubt about it - just look at how badly the Boy by Band of Outsiders version pulls, N.G.: not good. 

5. You might end up on the worst dressed list -  anyone else remember Celine Dion's satin backwards suit by Armani? She was and will forever be a don't here. Sorry Celine. I was a wee babe when this thing walked the red carpet in '99 and even at 13 I knew that this was straight fugly.
My heart will not go on for this.
Proceed with caution here WellSet readers. This could be a fashion don't in a matter of seconds. 
Givenchy's version
by Jill Sander

Would you wear a backwards blazer?

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