Fall Fashion 2014 Must Haves Continued: FOREVER PLAID

Fall Fashion 2014 Must Have: PLAID on thewellset.com

Vest // Skirt // Jacket // Blouse // Pants // Heels // Sandals // Toms

Happy first day of fall! 

Ok, it's not officially that day, but it is the first day it has felt that way in Houston so far. With mornings in the 50s what else could you want? To win the lottery? I'll give you that.

In keeping with my favorite shopping season of the year (F-A-L-L) here is my latest installment of Fall Must Haves. Check out my picks for fringe and gray wears here and here

We are counting down the days to our European vacation, but in the meantime I have a list a half mile long of to-do's before we go. I do plan to have my cell phone on me and will work the first two weeks. Not sure how much work will be getting done, but there is something to be said about working remotely - even if it is in a super distracting place. Ah, just breath! Let it go!

Work is going great. Had a blast speaking to the University of Houston American Marketing Association folks last week. Other than that we enjoyed traveling to the Texas State Fair and the TX OU game, watching a ton of fall fresh TV (hello Homeland and How to Get Away with Murder!), and just spending time with friends (we will miss you, Maz!). Hopefully your fall is going great too!

Please enjoy this little ditty by George Ezra that I cannot get enough of...


Fall 2014 Must Haves Part Deux: FRINGE BENEFITS

Well, I promised you an update and here goes nothing! A Brand Strategy Consulting is having it's best quarter ever - not too hard considering we are just starting our 3rd quarter, but that being said I am still totally floored. Everything everyone says is true: JUST DO IT when it comes to your dreams. Of course, my business wouldn't be the same without lots of great clients with tremendous amounts of patience and vision. Especially excited and thankful for the Janet Gust Design Group's work. Their new website is the coolest site I have EVER built or seen: www.janetgust.com Please check it out. Also, pumped to welcome fashion blogger SheShe to the client roster. See her nearly completed blog remodel here: www.shesheshow.com. She's the coolest grandma I've ever met. 

Now for the big reveal: Brad and I are counting down the hours for London! That's right, we are GOING FOR REALS. We are going to be there for 2 weeks and then splitting the 3rd week between Paris and Rome. Have any recommendations? Please leave them in the comments below! Cannot wait to get out of the country and have some one-on-one time with my red-headed-wonder. He and I also just celebrated our 1 year anniversary. Can you believe it has been 1 YEAR since THIS? Me neither. Marriage is great. 

What else? Ah, I bobbed my hair real-real short. (ICYMI it's on Instagram here) Meant to go about 2-3 inches longer, but they got carried away and I just went with it. Here's to easy short hair in Europe and dealing with all of the gender stereotyping. I swear I am still cool and youthful. Damn it.

The clothes! I am loving all the clothes this fall. Fringe and gray are two of my favorite things. Happy shopping!