Warming Up that Winter White Dress

TheWellSet.com How to Style that Winter White Dress
Dress (similar-ish here) // Necklace // Purse // Scarf-hood (similar-ish here) // Boots // Loafers // Rings

My best-LA-based girlfriend (she wrote all the movie reviews for TheWellSet back in 2009) texted me way back in November? December? asking for guidance on how to style her winter white dress (hey girl hey!). She texted me a pic of a gorgeous dress she had just purchased from Madewell (shown above, sorry about the quality) and sought clarity on what to wear with this new, pale frock.

Let's start from the ground up, shall we? My personal preference is to sass it up by wearing it with black leather. It grounds the look and makes it more seasonally appropriate. If you choose the boots or the loafers it instantly says January instead of June. If you live in a colder climate than LA then pair this look with opaque tights in black or bonus points if you wear gray opaque tights. Side note: I am really into gray right now. Gray walls, gray sweaters, gray leather, gray boots... It's the best newish neutral around. Jk, it's not new at all. I am just obsessed.

I choose the classic YSL purse for many reasons, but the main one is: it's gray. It's seasonally on par, it's roomy, plus you can wear it with anything. I love the look of layering of necklaces and a scarf. The scarf-hood from the street style pic would look great with the dark metal of the necklace. I've also chosen the gold mid-finger rings from ASOS because I think they are rad in an subtle-unexpected-touch-sort-of-way. Not ready for mid-finger rings? Try the black and gold mani if you have a steady hand. Check out this how-to on Jezebel (let me know how it goes because I'm too nervous to try it).

It's not quite Versace, but we cannot all be Atlanta-based hip hop moguls Migos. Check out my latest rap jam love - also isn't that video SO AMAZING? A cheetah + mansion AND Versace? 1996 MTV GOLD.

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