Houston Brides - Wedding Style Featuring TheWellSet.com

TheWellSet.com's feature in Houston Brides 2014

You know when you work really hard on something and then it pays off? That is how getting featured in Houston Brides felt. Only more surreal. They contacted me last October and sent the wonderful photographer, Laurie Perez, to my house to shoot me. Then I worked with the amazing editor, Melanie Warner, on the content. It was so fun and easy! That being said, I was really nervous on how it would turn out... Would I look fat? Would I sound dumb? You know, the usual crazy woman thoughts. 

TheWellSet.com's feature in Houston Brides 2014

Well, the feature just debuted and I could not be more thrilled. After spending so much time getting others published it is really interesting being on the other side of the lens. Interesting in a good-introspectivly-self-critical sort of way. Big thank you to Houston Brides and all my friends at Houston Magazine that recommended me for the piece. You're the best!

Houston Brides Cover January 2014

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Unknown said...

Congrats my friend! Much deserved!

TheWellSet.com said...

THANKS, Catherine - miss you! Drinks soon? At my house?