A Brand Strategy Consulting & LaurenStack.com: Who Says You Shouldn't Work with Friends?!

final website design for LaurenStack.com
So excited to be able to share a much loved blog LaurenStack.com. Lauren is a childhood friend of mine and she has always had a pension for style and fashion. She has turned that love into a burgeoning career as a stylist doing fabulous things like working with Neiman Marcus and at New York Fashion Week

Lauren contacted my marketing company, A Brand Strategy Consulting, about updating her blog to be as fabulous as she is. We had a blast picking out colors, headers, and fonts. It was really great to work with someone that shares the same passion for their work and is truly fearless about following her dreams. I am blessed to have clients like her and let's just say I try to keep the use of 'blessed' in check for when it's real. This is one of those times when it is totally real.

This is a great example of what you can do with a simple Blogger blog using the right tools. It doesn't cost a fortune either and makes a tremendous impact on your branding! 

I love doing projects like this, so, if you know someone that has a passion for blogging and needs a little polish to give their blog that extra oomph please tell them to contact me today

I have no doubt that Lauren's blog will be a huge success. Go ahead and put it on your Safari Reading List because it's going to be big! 

Fabulous hot pink color vignette by Lauren on LaurenStack.com

Couldn't agree with Amy Poehler more! One of Lauren's quotes from her Instagram @laurstack

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