Summer 2014 Must Have: The Maillot aka The Cool One Piece

thewellset.com's Summer Must Haves featuring the Maillot - Mara Hoffman, ASOS, J.Crew, Michael Kors, and Chloe

I am so happy to be able to select four gorgeous one pieces for you to wear this summer. The Maillot aka the cool one piece is pretty hot right now and I cannot be more pleased. B-Rad and I are headed to the white beaches of Cancun, Mexico in a few weeks for some much needed down time. I am looking forward to the relief of only needing a few items of clothing for the entire week we are there because nothing says true vacation like repeat outfits. Cancun holds a special place in our hearts because we spent a long weekend on a whim there very early in our relationship. Of course that time we stayed at a bargain resort and this time we are staying at a proper resort but it was still wonderful none the less. Forgive my inability to write interesting sentences... We went to a very fun party last night benefiting Houston's Hermann Park and really tied one on. Let's just say the night ended in the McDonald's drive thru - not proud, but hey it's the truth. 

Any who, I leave you with some gorgeous beach images courtesy of Pinterest (follow me here!) along with what is sure to be the song of the Summer by Calvin Harris to get you in the mood. 




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Hélène Heath said...

SO jealous of your impending beach getaway! Love all your picks, esp the Mara Hoffman one.

xx Hélène