The (Un)Domesticated Diva is Back! Permanent Marker Fix

The (Un)Domesticated Diva,
 Jacqueline Grisham
I genuinely like Halloween. I like to carve pumpkins, give candy out to trick or treaters (although the kids here ride around golf carts-lazy daisies), and I like to dress up in costume and guess what other people are as well. This year, I pondered many ideas on who to be- Lady Gaga or Snooki originally topped my list. While I do love a good leotard/tights combo, and definitely some major hairspray and a reason to purchase a bump-it would have been money, I decided to do something a little cleverer. Inspired by Aftony’s Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac combo two years ago during the financial meltdown, my husband and I brainstormed about all the recent news stories for inspiration. Somehow we decided on being the BP oil spill. 

In an effort to not look too political, I decided the details: blue shirt for him, blue dress for me both with something spilled on it. I wrote a “B” on mine (I thought it was ironic and funny to take the B) and he got the “P” (Again, the irony). It was all very witty until I wrote the “P” on one side of his shirt in permanent marker, flipped it over and wrote the “P” on the other side. I picked up the shirt and yikes, there is a giant “P” on my husband’s wooden kitchen table in black permanent marker. 

After cursing the spirits of Halloween, I tried everything I could think of: nail polish remover, old-fashioned soap and water, anti-dandruff shampoo (hey, it gets rid of sunspots on your skin!), alcohol, witches hazel (what the heck is that for anyways?), but none of them worked. Finally, I googled to see if I could find another solution. Desperate, I quickly dabbed toothpaste all along the “P” and let it sit for about an hour. Voila!  Good as new! It should work for any kind of pen, sharpie, and marker stain on anything wood. Happy Arts and Crafts time this Holiday Season!

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