My Newest Blog-Crush: The Man Repeller

Thanks to my friend Selia 'Slacks' Straus I now have a new blog obsession and I think you should too. The Man Repeller is everything I am not when it comes to style blogging: unencumbered by full time employment, over flowing with lack of inhibition and, last but not least, she's got someone to photograph her (ah, the life of the single lady - if only Figs had thumbs!). I am obsessed with her snarky tone and her topical posts like how to be photographed by a street style blogger and how to rock birth control glasses. I mean, it's only my one wish to be in the 'Do' section of some major publication...  Let's just say that I generally agree that girls (I think when your friends start turning 25, you are no longer girls - love you guys) women dress for other women and that fashion is not always translatable to the male sex. The Man Repeller takes that philosophy to the next level and owns it. One of her posts that I am most obsessed with is how to make your own turband. I will be doing this soon (once I get the guts/have dirty enough hair... I'm thinking this wknd in Vegas will be a perfect spot for this trial - family criticism be damned!).

Check it out below and make sure to check out The Man Repeller soon. It's the tits.

As a self-proclaimed expert in the field of man repelling, I thought it useful to start including photo-heavy tutorials that will document the exciting prospect of DIYing your very own sartorial cock blocks. This week, we'll start with the TURBAND. Sure, you can buy one (cue: Pixie Market, The Nasty Gal) but think of it like this: when you're buying say... a salad for lunch, don't you prefer owning the power to include your favorite ingredients and to make sure it is exactly what you want? No surprise craisins. 

Yeah, so turband. DIY.

Before we start I'll just say, this DIY took place in the comfort of my own bedroom. In real life, people don't DIY while overlooking the High Line and wearing sequined mini dresses and cat eye sunnies. I'm trying to bring an element of realness to your computer screen. NOW...

 1                                    2                                     3
Step 1: Locate a square scarf. I stole mine from my mom. She is fancy so it is Hermes. 
Step 2: Take opposite corners from said scarf and fold them together. This should leave you with a triangle shaped piece o'fabric. If you want, you can tie it around your head and pretend you're a female extra in Fiddler on The Roof."Match maker, match maker make me a match. Find me a find, catch me a catch." Anyone? Anyone? K, bye.
Step 3: Keep folding.

Step 4: Tie the folded scarf around your head and pretend you're a ninja. This is also an optional step though highly recommended.

5                                    6                                   7
Step 5: Tie the folded scarf around your head so that you have bunny ears. Knot it once.
Step 6: Knot it again and start laughing because you're only two steps away from anti-mating! 
Step 7: Take the bunny ears you've created and bring them toward the back of your head. Knot again.

Step 8: Put on patent leather booties, pose like a douche bag and voila, male genital deterring continues.

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