I don't trust people, but I trust dogs - Bill Murray

I have been MIA for a while, I know, not the best blog management. What can I say? 2015 has been a hold-on-to-your-freaking-hat roller coaster ride. We are having a baby girl in September. My company, A Brand Strategy Consulting, turned 1 in May. One of our dogs keeps lunging through windows to get to squirrels. Not kidding.

Long story short my focus has been on me, Brad, our dogs, our cat, plus this growing life that appears to be taking up all of my internal square footage and then some. Oh, and my company - did I mention that? 30+ clients...

Wonder why I haven't blogged about Miss Winifred Louise Griffin? Honestly, I think it was based in superstition. Some close friends have lost babies and you always hear the worst stories, so, I wanted to keep this little nugget out of the spotlight as long as possible while I figured out how I felt about this entire thing. That sounds negative, but it is a huge mental shift to go from me to we within your own skin. I had a really rough first 14 weeks or so (seasick/hangover/barf-olympics anyone?) and then got real big real fast. Now I am 27 weeks along and about to cruise into the 3rd trimester (phew!). And by cruise I mean heavy friction slide my new big thighs into 3rd base. So sexy right now. After two consecutive weekend of amazing baby showers with friends and family I feel ready to blog a bit about my baby and nursery style - hah, that sounds crazy to me! - in the hopes of giving some of you insight into crazy pregoland.

SO MANY THINGS. Here are some things I went with for her registry and nursery. Many of these items were on a must have list that has been circulating amongst my new mom friends - let me know if you need it and I will send it your way, seriously sharing is caring. See Winnie's entire registry on Babylist here and some of her Pinterest boards here and here.

Pensacola Pink by Benjamin Moore for the ceiling. Not too pink and goes great with black and white.

Love the white dipped paint job on this crib. Think this is ducduc. We painted the one we got from my sister.

Land of Nod poodle bedding. Love the hot pink and the pom poms!

Bloom highchair looks like it belongs on a space ship. Love it.

Solly Baby Wrap for when baby is too small for the Baby Bjorn.

Song to Stay Off the Ledge to, jk.

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Haley said...

So excited for you and your growing family, Afton!! Congratulations!! Love the poodle bedding too!:)