This is easier said than done, but having made the leap in the last year I am so grateful I did. Some days I feel guilty that I have so much free time and choice in what I can do that day. I am working through that guild in favor of acceptance and gratitude for this life of mine. 
Uh oh, I hear echoes of my first 2015 New Year's resolution. And so it begins!

These shoes are the epitome of chic right now. I love the Valentino Rockstud designs and these booties are a billboard for why. Perfect proportions, just the right amount of punk rock, and the luxury of the materials used. Le sigh. Christmas present, please, anyone?

The 90s are back! I could take or leave this latest trend, but this semi-retro chic street style lady is a nice blend without going roll-your-eyes over the top. Interesting without being a fashion cliche.

Samurai cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I love the mix of colors, textures, and styles in this photo. But most of all I love the art. SO COOL.

Can you believe this is Victoria Beckham? Me neither. Great yob. 

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