What to Wear This Friday Night: TX OU Edition

What to Wear This Friday Night TheWellSet.com
Despite just returning from Hawaii on Sunday, Brad and I are booked on the 6pm SWA direct flight for Dallas for his first and my 15th (holy cow!) TX-OU weekend. For those of you unfamiliar with this spectacular event let me show you the ropes. UT and OU play every fall at the Cottonbowl in Dallas on what is considered neutral ground. The event is called the Red River Shoot Out because that is what separates us from the Okies on the north Texas border. Plus the river runs red with the defeated's blood, jk, that is just what they tell the kiddos. The Cottonbowl sits in the middle of the annual Texas State Fair, so you get two amazing things: college football & the fair!!!

Anywho, it is one big party weekend in Dallas and my entire paternal family attends. My dad played football at OU and raised us as Sooners, but the first chance Brooke, my older sister, and I got we went straight down to Austin to the University of Texas. And thus, a family rivalry was born. Fueled by Fletcher's Corn Dogs, beers in wax cups, fried Oreo's, and a solid mid-day drunk. Can't wait to initiate the Notorious B-Rad-G! Kick off is at 11 am at TX is supposed to get killed. Thank God for a solid State Fair to make it all alright.

A fan of either school? Read these two letters sent from the UT university newspaper, the Daily Texan, to the OU Oklahoma Daily. The trash talk is truly hilarious. 

The tradition is kicked off with a fancy dinner the Friday before. Above is what I am planning on wearing. But, I need your help: trendy monochromatic purse that matches (intentionally, of course) or the classic quilted Chanel (this is Dallas, after all)?   


Molly {Dreams in HD} said...

my vote is always for chanel :)

Molly {Dreams in HD}

TheWellSet.com said...

Girl, you're totally right. Thanks for the travel intel on your site too. I will def be contacting you next spring!


Unknown said...

Chanel duh - its dallas - they love their labels!