You Won't Be Able to Unsee This: Zooey Davechappelle

Zooey Davechappelle via Reddit
Now try to unsee that!? Happy New Girl Season 3!
MGMT's newest song
It's dark and I like it. Plus Michael Williams kills, per the usual. I do think they could have put in a little work on the name of the song. NYmag.com writes:
...Michael K. Williams plays a plant-hunting witch doctor who dreams up a psychedelic drug that ends up giving the man a horrifying deformity. It's sad and beautiful and directed by Isaiah Seret (Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros' "Kisses Over Babylon"), with cinematography by Bradford Young (Ain't Them Bodies Saints).
The Cut; photo by YoungJun Koo/I'M KOO
London Fashion Week has been a pleasure to watch from the digital sidelines. This image of Eva Chen's lower half is making me desperately crave cooler temperatures and fall appropriate textures and silhouettes  That fur bag! The leather skirt! the Leopard sweater! Those Alexander Wang heels! I think they are?

Real life traffic metrics, ya'll. 

So, last week on 9/12 to be exact, my blog was on the front page of Reddit. Not for any satorical observations on my part, but from an article I enjoyed enough to re-post from GQ that featured a rather compelling interview with Bill Murray. Some folks on Reddit were arguing about Bill Murray and the Kung Fu Hustle? It was over my head.

Imagine my surprise when I checked my stats and I suddenly have 100k viewers in ONE DAY. [side note: this little blog of mine had previously generated a total 55k pageviews to date since it's inception in 2009 - which mind you, I was proud of.] It was pretty surprising and interesting to see where these people went once they got here? They also commented a lot. Now you have to read the article, clearly.
Read it here and feel free to comment. 

Contracts abound right before the wedding.

Interesting thing about planning the big day, there are endless contracts to proof. I have thankfully had a lot of practice red-lining my share of contracts, but this is different. It's emotionally charged and personal in a way that I had heard about, but did not expect. I was finalizing the my wedding floral contract and I actually teared up reading it. It's going to be so pretty! One week from today at almost this exact moment I will be wrestling my way onto a direct SWA flight to Vegas with my wedding dress in hand. I can't wait for  you to see how it all turned out. Hell, I cannot wait to see how it is going to turn out!

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