The Wedding Chronicles: Epilogue "Epic Wedded Bliss"

It began last Wednesday, we wrestled a wedding dress through security and onto the plane...

We heard no less than 4 languages at the Las Vegas courthouse marriage Bureau, plus some really excellent fashion choices including pajama-chic and wtf-wear. Marriage apparently is not so serious here. It is for us. We swear!

We day partied large cabana style Friday... 20+ bottles of Veuve were consumed. No small feat. 

The Crunk City Council united and an angel got it's wings.

My older sister made the most amazing rehearsal dinner video ever complete with How Harry Met Sally and Princess Bride clips. Did I mention it was amazing?
Our first picture as husband and wife (thanks, Kathy!). We both cried the majority of the ceremony. 
The escort cards and luggage tag party favors were a hit!

As was the sea bass and filet dinner pairing. This was hashtagged #yumyuminmytumtum.

We cut the most beautiful cake ever. It was more difficult than we thought. That thing was a marvel!

Brad was initiated into the Crunk City Council and his official name is... Censored.

There was a bridal portrait processional through the casino (thanks, Noble!) and the pictures were loved (thank you, Julie Soefer!)
We then completely jumped the shark and late nighted in the casino club, Lily Pad. Nothing quite like being a bride in da club.
The next day we contemplated the magic that is Las Vegas and counted our blessings for such a fantastic wedding weekend, wonderful friends and family.
Now we are off to Maui (yes, this is our third and final selection of honeymoon locations: Santa Fe, Miami Beach, MAUI - sorry for the confusion) See you soon Houston, but not too soon! Follow all the action via my Instagram @aftonybalogna and make sure to recap all 99+ images via the insta hashtag #braftonvegas.

Had enough hash tagging? Make sure to watch this video by J. Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon here. 


Unknown said...

What a fabulous wedding to be recapped with the insta pics! Absolutely loved it - Congrats to the Griffins!

TheWellSet.com said...

Thanks, Kaki! I am so glad you were there to celebrate with us. XO.

Abdur Rehman @ http://shadicloud.com/ said...

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