Case Study in Stereotypes: I'm Going Brunette!

After spending the last 23 years of my life as a blonde (born toe headed then wicked adolescence forced me to highlight my hair) I've always wondered if blondes really do have that special something-something... And what about brunettes, some of my most beautiful and gregarious friends are brunettes... Well, friends I plan on giving you the full scoop very, very soon.

I'd be lying if said that I am even remotely a natural blonde at this point in my life. At one time my roots could go untouched for months - that is not so much the case now - and after watching celebrity after celebrity go dark and look gorgeous (Rachel McAdams to name one) I've wondered what if I embraced my roots. Literally.

I had to ask myself and my hair dresser: what if I only know myself as a blonde? Do I identify my looks as being blonde based? The answer is probably yes. The good news is that I can always highlight my way back into the blonde gods' favor. 

I just feel that it is time for a change that really pulls me together. For instance, my friend in college (Decadence on a Dime contributor Kate Thompson) cut her long hair to a chin skimming bob and it looked killer. For nearly 3 years it has made her look so polished and pulled together plus it takes half  the time to style. I am looking for such an "aha" moment. 

So, I scoured the internet for brunettes that weren't too dark and weren't too contrived. I saw just about everything and finally decided that I would go with the lovely Natalia Vadinova's color (yes, the fact that she's in Vogue with P. Diddy right now looking amazing might have had something to do with my choice).

The color, pictured here, is somewhat like my natural color, I think, (according to my stylist, Franchiska at Jose Luis), but will look even lovelier because it has more depth. That's a nice way to say this is your natural hair color but prettier. 

So, wish me luck! My appointment is scheduled for next Tuesday and I am excited & frantic all at once. 

Hopefully my after picture won't be so excruciating that I can post it...

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Anonymous said...

BLONDES FOR LIFE! How will you ever decide which powder puff team to play for now?

bada bing bada blonde