Guide to Menhattan: Your Tax $$$ Paid for This Post

By Rachel Upshaw, New York, NY

Apparently our government, with its overflowing coffers, has provided The National Healthy Marriage Resource Center with the funding for this very important multimedia campaign hoping to spark "a national conversation about marriage among 18-30 year-olds" and "increase confidence that marriage is a viable option." Seriously. And today the lovely people at Gawker have distilled this well-spent money to share these Relationship Tips from the Government

The campaign's website Twoofus.org (that's 'two of us')
offers quite a few articles (and podcasts AND videos!) providing lessons that you otherwise would definitely not have figured out on your own. After spending .5 seconds looking at it I've learned: 1) I might have A Little Thing Called Fear of Commitment; b) having a baby will change your marriage - who knew?!; and c) apparently telling your life story on the first date is the second most-likely reason your date thinks you're crazy. I wonder if that includes telling someone on the first date how one time you ate so much at Red Lobster that you threw up on a tree? Awk-ward.

Read more of Rachel's hilarious Guide to Menhattan here.

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