Film Review Friday: Extract

By Addision Donnell, Los Angeles

You know those movies where the preview looks like one thing, but movie ends up being something completely different? Like say, the boy meets girl story ends in a death instead of a happy marriage or the main character ends up being a ghost. This usually pisses most movie goers off, but not this girl. I enjoy being tricked. Sometimes, it is not always good, like when I had to figure out why all these people were killing themselves in The Happening. So I go see it only to find out the big surprise is the trees and grass get pissed off about global warming and somehow drive everyone on Earth to suicide. Thanks M. Night Shyamalan, you owe me $10.50.

For obvious reasons - great cast, well-know writer/director, and my passion for food flavoring - I had been looking forward to seeing Extract all summer. However, to much of my chagrin, it opened in the number 9 spot in the box office, disappointing Jason Bateman and extract fans everywhere. Not one to follow the ol' box office, I saw the film and ended up loving it. I mean, it is from the guy that made Office Space for Christ's sake. How could you not enjoy that?

The entire cast, from Bateman to J.K. Simmons to the always enjoyable SNL favorite Kristen Wiig, was just wonderful. Even Ben Affleck, who normally makes me want to go all “Happening” on myself was great. The jokes were well-written, well executed, and who doesn't love watching a guy get his balls knocked off? That's what I thought. Even the sexual references and drug innuendos are not overused, helping the film move along while still remaining downright hilarious.

Sidenote and/or warning. For some reason Gene Simmons from KISS is in the movie. Now, I know that it is common for singers to want to act and actors to try and sing, but what the Hell. Lately, this man has been all over the map from Dr. Pepper commercials to a reality show not so discreetly named after his junk and now he is invading the big screen? His acting was not noticeably atrocious, mainly because whenever he had a close up, all you could concentrate on is his hair. Seriously, Gene put back on your make up, 6 inch platforms, and leather pants because I want you to retire from acting and just keep rocking and rolling all night...and partying every day. That's about all you're good at.

Although it didn’t earn a great bundle opening weekend, much like its working man counterpart, Extract will most likely make it rain when it comes to DVD rentals and sales. If you are looking for a nice change from the overly quotable anchorman based in San Diego or you are tired of watching Ben Stiller meet his in-laws for the 80th time, see this film. And hey, how cool are you going to sound when you can tell your friends how many different types of food flavoring there are? They’ll be impressed, I promise.

Bottom Line: This movie is pretty legit. Almost too legit…but not quite.

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