Gaga's Pop-Electra Opera Tour: Monster Ball

Lady Gaga was recently interviewed by Rolling Stong Magazine about her upcoming tour Monster Ball. Here's her description about the event:

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RS: What was the thinking behind The Monster Ball?
"I wanted to really put together a show that would be the most beautiful, expensive-looking, delicious show, but that my fans wouldn't have to pay a ton of money to come see. So we're playing a few nights in a row. I've got super loyal fans, so I feel this tremendous obligation to take care of them."

Need to brighten your day? Here's a guaranteed laugh: check out some of the most ridiculous Gaga Looks Here.

My fave is this lovely Kermit the Frog get up...

In case you missed it, here's Lady Gaga's VMA performance where she bleeds to death...

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